The Power of Weakness

"God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs." - Matthew 5:3 NLT

Not many people like being broke. Whenever we run out of resources or money, it's usually very embarrassing for us. If this has ever happened to you at a restaurant, or when you were out with your friends, it's a very frustrating experience. 

However, spiritually Jesus likes it when we are "bankrupt" and realize our great need for Him. This is called being "poor in spirit" in some translations. This word "poor" describes a beggar who is absolutely destitute of food and shelter, and who knows he will not survive unless someone helps him. It is a person who is so poor, they are utterly dependent upon the giving of another. This is how we should feel about the Lord - without Him we can do nothing.


Jesus wants us to depend on His strength, not our own!

The reason this attitude brings blessing is because it allows you to truly experience God's power in a deeper and fuller way than ever before. When you truly realize, that without His strength, love, and grace you can do nothing, it opens up your heart to receive His true power and enabling for your day. 

This is what I like to call the "Power of Weakness", as it opens up your life to receive an outpouring of God's Spirit like never before. It's what the Lord meant when he told Paul,"My power works best in weakness." (2Cor 12:9 NLT)  It's why Paul said,"That’s why I take pleasure in my weaknesses... for when I am weak, then I am strong." (2Cor 12:10 NLT)

So what about you? Today will you depend on your power...or will you turn completely to God's infinite strength? Realize that you need Jesus in everything you do, ask Him to empower you by His Spirit, and experience the "Power of Weakness" today!


Jason Dennett

Jason Dennett is the teaching pastor at Calvary Chapel Puerto Rico. You can listen to Pastor Jason on "Comfort Ye My People" radio program Mon - Fri @ 4:00pm on WBMJ am 1190 San Juan // WIVV am 1370 Vieques // WCGB am 1060 Juana Diaz and Ponce