A Strong Foundation

GOD called the entire universe into existence, from absolute nothingness!  This was the pivotal moment when He brought all time, space, matter, and energy into being.  This was the beginning of the cosmos as we know it. The Scriptures declare it, and science proves it. GOD, the eternal Architect, instantaneously designed His masterful creation, and spoke it all into existence!

This is a basic and foundational truth declared to us in the Scriptures: that GOD is the Almighty Creator of the world, and the Creator of you!  It is one of the great "bedrock" truths of our lives as human beings. If you can believe this first verse of the Bible, no other verse should seem too difficult or impossible for GOD!

If I truly believe that GOD is my personal Creator, then I must recognize the I owe Him everything.  My life comes from Him; my breath comes from Him; my body comes from Him; my children and family come from Him; this world and all of it's good gifts flow from His loving hands into my life. Everything good in my life comes from my great GOD and Creator!



If I believe that GOD is my Creator, it will affect my daily living!


Many times in our lives, we go through extreme difficulties, trials, and hardships in our faith.  It is especially in these challenging times that we find ourselves falling back and relying upon our deepest and strongest beliefs.  Understanding and believing that GOD is your Creator, is one of these foundational beliefs.  It is one of the "bedrock" truths of our lives, and when all else seems shaky and unstable, it can strengthen and stabilize your life once again.

If I recognize that GOD is my Creator, then I will give Him what is due: worship and thanksgiving!  I will seek to worship Him in the way that He has commanded and not invent my own religious system.  Amazingly, we see in the Scriptures that the GOD and Creator of the universe has become a man, and walked among us - in the Person of Jesus Christ! (Read John 1:1-3, 14; Colossians 1:16; Hebrews 1:1-2)

The way to truly know your Creator, and to worship Him as He has commanded, is to come to the Lord Jesus Christ, and receive Him into your heart as your Savior (Revelation 3:20).  He loves you, has created you, and has died on the Cross to save you from your sin.  Receive Him into your heart today, asking Him to cleanse you from your sin. Then you will truly be at peace with your Maker, and you can walk with Him in your daily life. You can enjoy the strong foundation of having your Creator in your life!