God is Seldom Early, and Never Late!

"You know in all your hearts and in all your souls that not one thing has failed of all the good things which the LORD your God spoke concerning you. All have come to pass for you; not one word of them has failed."
- Joshua 23:14

Being a patient person is not one of my character strengths. It is a very difficult thing for me to wait for things to happen when the Lord wants them to, and not when I want them to. Many times I have found myself frustrated and struggling with impatience over God's timetable of the events of my life.  Have you ever felt like that?

Ever find yourself tapping your fingers at the red light, dying for it to change?  Have you ever been at the breaking point over what seems like the agonizing slowness of God's plan unfolding for your life?  Ever allow yourself to become frustrated and impatient at not yet being able to find that "perfect" spouse, or land that sweet promotion that only you deserve? 

God's Word gives us the answer for these internal battles of spiritual impatience:  Learn, Trust, and Wait!

1. Learn - Joshua reminded his people that the Lord's Word had never yet failed them; that everything the Lord had promised them had come true (Read Josh 23:14,15).  The Lord allowed Daniel to learn the exact calendar day when Messiah would enter Jerusalem (Read Daniel 9:24,25; Luke 19:29-42; Psalm 118:8,19-24) and all four Gospels recorded it. Jeremiah learned that God's precise timing meant 70 years exactly for Jerusalem in Babylon, and not one day more! These men came to realize that the Lord God was in complete control of history, and their individual lives as well (Read Jeremiah 25:11,12; 29:10).

2. Trust - Since this is the case we should trust in the Lord's perfect timing (Read Prov 3:5,6) with our lives.  We shouldn't become impatient and frustrated with not knowing the precise timing of different events (Read Acts 1:6,7; Jn 2:3,4). We must learn to trust the Lord, have confidence in His control, and be assured He's doing what's best for us. 

3. Wait - Finally, we need to learn to wait until He decides to act (Read Psalm 40:1-4). Waiting doesn't mean inactivity, but rather serving, worshipping, and growing as a disciple diligently until the Lord chooses to change the situation (Habakkuk 3:17-19).

Do you need to ask the Lord for more strength to learn, trust, and wait for His Word to be fulfilled? Simply ask Him to revive your confidence is His unfailing promises, His unequalled control of the events of history, and to give you a fresh infusion of grace through His Holy Spirit, to wait for His Word and His perfect plan to be fulfilled in your life (Read Isaiah 40:28-31).